Tridens Platform 🔗

Tridens is a nautical resilience platform designed for shipping and maritime enterprises. Tridens provides cyber risk management, cyber monitoring for vessels and resilience testing.

Vue, Bootstrap

I always had an interest in the field of cyber security. So when I got a chance to work on a very niche cyber security platform, it felt like the right project for me, not to mention the excitement.

As a cherry on top, working closely with the incredibly talented CTO of the company Sami was a great learning experience for the then-still-amateur me.

With the financial risks associated to cyber attacks extending to millions of dollars these days, Threatspan's offering has great potential in the shipping and maritime industry. In their words,

“Our solution combines intrusion detection, resilience monitoring, cyber risk scoring and more in a streamlined fleet management console."


Since this is a cyber security platform, we had a lot of data to be received from the environments, and one interesting challenge was figuring out the representation and visualization of this in the most helpful manner.