Peloton 🔗

Peloton is a Stanford University School of Education masters project that helps students improve their confidence in social and emotional skills through peer review and qualitative feedback

Nuxt, Express, MongoDB, Google Classroom API,, Bulma, Chart.js

There is a dire need of innovation in the education sector. Anything than can help students grow, especially those that teaches them 'How to learn' is a welcome addition. I was excited to work with Diego and Nina of Stanford Graduate School of Education on their masters project, which aimed at helping students to be aware of their strengths and weaknesses and placing them in a growth mindset.

More details about the inception of the idea and details about the project can be found in this article


Peloton is integrated with Google Classroom API so that teachers can login with their Classroom integrated email and can import their classes and students from their existing classrooms.

Teachers and students have separate logins. Teachers are able to add new projects and assign students to them, where as students can work on these launched projects.